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#CrownScout: Wadori
Japanese food has always been the rave on our local shores for as far as I can remember. From sushi, to chirashis, tonkatsu, ramen, hotpots & even street food, the huge selection offered by Japanese cuisine is almost unbeatable. That also explains why an increasing number of Japanese casual dining places & food streets are sprouting out in our shopping malls!  Today, we’d like to introduce Wadori, a Japanese casual dining that specializes in yakitori (Japanese skewers), and to quote them, “grilled pure Japanese bliss on a stick”. &..
Kitchen hacks are often the life savers in the kitchen!  One of our favorite online video channels is Hack It, hosted by the beautiful and spunky Rebecca Tan on  In this video below, Rebecca shares some really cool and affordable kitchen tools that will definitely come in handy for everyone!  Hope you guys enjoy this video as much as we did, and do share with us – What are some of your favorite kitchen hacks?    ..
Hands up all fruit lovers out there! *Raises both hands in the air* Fruits are supposed to make us happy eaters, considering the myriad of colors they come in, and the sweetness and juiciness they bring (well, most of the time...). However, we all know of that one fruit or two where peeling or slicing them is often a turmountous task! Fret not, for this video from BuzzFeed will change the way you eat your fruits! Enjoy! :)    ..
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